eJournal Sponsorships

Join the growing community of institutions sponsoring eJournals.

Does your institution specialize in a certain area of scholarship? Do you have a center or institute performing groundbreaking research?

With SSRN, you can easily and efficiently create subject-specific eJournals that promote scholarship and advancement within your designated area of expertise. These Sponsored eJournals disseminate topical research from scholars worldwide, thus creating an unrivaled virtual community for knowledge sharing within a specific area.

How it works:

Sponsored eJournals operate in much the same way as our other Subject Matter eJournals by regularly distributing abstracts of working and accepted papers related to the eJournal’s topic.

As the Sponsor, your organization selects the eJournal’s editor and advisory board members to oversee and guide the growth of the eJournal.

Similar to a Research Paper Series (RPS), a Sponsored eJournal features a customized abstracting journal sent to those who have subscribed as well as a customized page to aggregate all of the research within the subject area. Unlike an RPS, however, these eJournals include research by scholars worldwide and explore specific topics within granular fields of study.

Benefits of Sponsorship:

There are numerous benefits to sponsoring an eJournal with SSRN, including:

  • Editor & Advisory Board — As a sponsoring institution, you can name the editor(s) and advisory board members who will oversee and guide the growth of your eJournal;
  • Customized eJournal — We will create an abstracting eJournal that distributes abstracts of papers that fit the subject matter you have selected. This eJournal will include your sponsorship information, which increases branding and awareness of your organization;
  • Customized eJournal Page — In addition to the distributed eJournal, we will also create a page within SSRN that displays all of the research related to your chosen topic. This page will also feature your sponsorship information, organizational logo, and links back to your institutional website;
  • Dedicated SSRN Staff — We will assign an SSRN Staff Member to create eJournal issues, answer questions, and act as your main SSRN contact.

SSRN’s Sponsored eJournals are a popular and effective way to create a footprint in the global world of scholarship.