Conference Proceedings

SSRN has worked with over 100 conferences and meetings organized by schools and associations around the globe

Put our global, interdisciplinary platform to work to spread the word about your conference and the high-quality papers presented.

Early sharing without restrictions

SSRN does not retain copyright for the papers on our site or restrict how the papers can be used in the future. This makes our eLibrary an ideal outlet for sharing conference papers. More on our FAQ.

Interdisciplinary visibility

Papers are individually evaluated for distribution in up to 12 SSRN subject matter eJournals (in any network) which keep SSRN subscribers up-to-date on the latest research in their field being uploaded to our eLibrary.

Complete discoverability

A clickable reference on each paper provides information about the conference ensuring your proceedings are discoverable across the SSRN platform.

Short turn-around

Proceedings can be available online within one month. Share the papers publicly when you are ready.

Free, global access for readers

Proceedings are available at no charge to our 2+ million registered users and the public via our eLibrary. An SSRN account is not required to view or download the papers.

Permanent archive

Pay a one-time fee and the proceedings of this year’s conference will be available permanently on SSRN. Only pay a new fee to upload proceedings from a new year.

Proceedings Hosting

Whether you are in the early planning stages or the conference has already taken place, our Proceedings Hosting solution offers the opportunity to create a permanent archive and increase the reach of your proceedings.

Proceedings Hosting allows you to put our interdisciplinary platform to work for you to share the high-quality papers presented at your conference with our global community of scholars and researchers. We have worked with over 100 conference and meetings organized by institutions and associations around the world to make their proceedings more discoverable and freely accessible online.

  • Display proceedings on a public, logo-branded page on SSRN
  • Highlight papers throughout the SSRN library with a clickable conference reference which provides information about the event and proceedings
  • Announce your proceedings to relevant SSRN subscribers

With this solution, you may also want to consider adding…

Call for Papers
Solicit submissions from academics and professionals in relevant field(s)

Proceedings eJournal
Distribute proceedings to your SSRN subscriber list each year

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