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SSRN provides academic solutions to institutions, universities, and organizations specifically to enhance visibility and scholarly research impact.

Our global research networks offer an efficient way to keep-up-to-date on the latest research and connect with relevant peers. Including preprints in the SSRN community is a first step for scholars to make an impact with their research.

Your Academic Teams Benefit from SSRN Tools

SSRN’s global reach provides solutions to disseminate innovative ideas through our vast online repository, making librarians’ jobs easier and keeping academics up-to-date.

With solutions designed to drive scholarly research impact, SSRN is an economically fiscal resource for your organization’s faculty scholars, and students.

Research Paper Series

An SSRN Research Paper Series assembles all your scholarly research output in one central repository with global reach and accessibility to the research community.

eJournal Subscription Services

Our global research networks offer an efficient way to keep up-to-date on the latest research and connect with relevant peers.

Conference Proceedings

Share your proceedings with a global, interdisciplinary audience by hosting them in our eLibrary and distributing a dedicated conference eJournal. Need help with a more comprehensive solution? We can customize our system to help you collect submissions, conduct reviews, correspond with participants and more.

Jobs & Announcements

SSRN is the leading open access repository in the world. Your institution’s recruitment and events benefit by direct access to SSRN.

eJournal Sponsorships

Similar to a Research Paper Series, a Sponsored eJournal features a customized abstracting journal sent to those who have subscribed as well as a customized page to aggregate all of the research within the subject area.

Partners In Publishing

SSRN hosts research papers from publishers and other organizations. A great way to showcase research in a particular area of interest.

First Look

First Look is a place where journals and other research experts identify content of interest prior to publication. It can include a wide range of early stage content types including working papers, proceedings, preprints, accepted papers, and papers under consideration.

The SSRN publication venue is a dissemination platform and is very well received by our funds as another way to make research findings available to a broader audience.”

Professor of Law & Associate Director
Transitional Justice Institute, Dalriada House, Ulster University, Newtownabbey, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland